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How to Enjoy Sex Using a Condom

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Condoms are the must-have item we should always keep within easy reach.

Sex is a wonderful and intimate experience that can bring couples closer together. However, it is also important to protect yourself and your partner from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a condom.

Condoms are widely available, easy to use, and provide excellent protection against STIs and pregnancy.

“Does sex feel good with a condom?” The answer is yes !

They are still just as an important part of sex and also come in a variety of different options – flavoured, ribbed and dotted condoms, which are designed to be enjoyed by both the wearer and the partners involved.

Ribbed and dotted condom increase pleasure, instead of the opposite. Yes, really.

Here are a few tips for enjoying sex while using a condom:

Use a high-quality condom

  • Choosing a reputable and high-quality brand is crucial. Look for condoms that have been tested for reliability and effectiveness.
  • Avoid using condoms that are expired or damaged, as these may compromise their structural integrity and effectiveness.
  • Regularly check the packaging for any signs of damage before use.

Put the condom on correctly

  • Verify the expiration date on the condom package and follow the instructions for opening it.
  • Carefully open the wrapper, ensuring not to tear or damage the condom in the process.
  • Pinch the tip of the condom to leave space for semen. This helps prevent air bubbles and reduces the risk of breakage.
  • Roll the condom onto an erect penis, covering it entirely. Make sure there are no twists in the condom.

Experiment with different types of condoms

  • Condoms come in various textures, flavors, and colors. Trying different types can add variety and excitement to your sexual experiences.
  • Some condoms may be designed for increased sensitivity, while others may have different shapes or materials. Experimenting can help find what works best for you and your partner.

Talk to your partner

  • Communication is crucial for a healthy sexual relationship. Discussing condom use openly and honestly helps create a shared understanding of its importance.
  • Share your reasons for using condoms, such as protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Ensure that both partners are comfortable with the chosen method of protection.

Remember that condoms can be used for all types of sexual activity:

  • Condoms are versatile and can be used for vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Using condoms consistently and correctly for any type of sexual activity provides comprehensive protection.
  • It’s important to be aware of the specific instructions for each type of sexual activity to ensure proper usage.

 By adhering to these guidelines, you and your partner can enjoy a safe and satisfying sexual experience while minimising the risks associated with STIs and unintended pregnancies. Always prioritise open communication and mutual understanding in your sexual relationship.


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